CCNA Data Center?

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Hey All,

I am about to finish the CCNP Security. I have one more test left which I'm hoping to be ready for before November. I was thinking about doing the CCNP R\S after that, however I work in a Data Center which is HEAVY on UCS and Nexus is starting to make it's way into our Data Centers. Therefore, I think switching to the Data Center track might be a wise choice.

My question is, does anyone have any insight or know when Cisco will revamp the current CCNA DC track\exam? I don't want to go out and purchase the study material for the current exam to find out they are revamping the test in a month. That's what happened to me with the CCNP Security. After I finished Firewall and VPN they changed the whole NP:SEC track.

Do you guys think I maybe safe to start getting the study material for the CCNA:DC now (Books, Nuggets, INE Videos)?

Any thoughts?
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