Weird vCenter 6.0 issue (Component Manager)

higherhohigherho Member Posts: 882

I am a little stuck. the component manager service on a test vCenter 6.0 is not working and of course that service is needed for all core components to run. IT was working before I rebooted the machine (VM) and only thing I changed was the host name of the system. I went to the CM logs and the logs keep complaining about how it cannot verify the trust of the self signed server certificate. This instance doesn't have DNS so the system / common name was the IP address of the vCenter server. I'm at a lost what to do. Do I have to recreate the certificate? If so how do i perform those operations via command line? Thankfully this was a test instance but it's going to be used for a closed network training facility. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • kj0kj0 Member Posts: 767
    Have you tried change the "Logon as a Service" account? If you set it for local administrator, etc it's possible it's having an issue with the account.

    Also, are you running Embedded PSC/database? All these services need to be started before vCenter services can start.
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  • higherhohigherho Member Posts: 882
    The account was changed to local system icon_sad.gif I forget which account it used initially. I need to verify that and that's probably my issue. The other services needed for this service to start are up and the only thing I changed was the account and what I mentioned before. However, now that I think about it I didn't change the account until after the issue started.

    and yes I'm using the embedded pic db. Though that of course won't start until the component manager starts.
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