CCNP Switch(300-115) + GNS3 IOU

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Hello, all.

I just got Layer 2 & Layer 3 IOU's configured & ready to go with GNS3 1.3.11

For those of you who have studied the switch topics on GNS3, what can't you do? I do have a Cisco 3550 & two 2950's that I plan on hooking in to my PC once I get a 4 port NIC delivered.

Aside from physical hardware. What are my limitations in GNS3 as it pertains to 300-115 topics?

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    I'm not sure how complete it is, but here's someone's take on what's missing in IOU (L2 and L3 images).

    Features not supported by IOU/IOL
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    I've not tried the switching on GNS3 if i'm honest however I am a beliver that proper hardware it the way to go, it's more fun.
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    I messed around with the L2 IOU for SWITCH. It can't do Private VLANs, SPAN/RPSAN,L3 Etherchannels, and DHCP snooping. All of these are heavily covered in all the lab manuals I used. I then used notepad to practice configs for muscle memory before I just finally gave in end bought 4x 3560e, which can do everything.
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    I just got this up and running as well. I plan to put it through quite a bit to identify areas of what it can / cannot do.
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