600-199 - Scyber [Cyber Security Specialist] Need Advice

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Hello All,

My CCNA and CCNA Security are expiring this Dec and I would like to retain them and also upgrade to the next level.

I am in information security domain and I believe the exam 600-199 Cyber Security Specialist will add value to the information security career.

Can I be please advised on below:

1) Will 600-199 exam help me retain my CCNA and CCNA Security certs?
2) If yes, Please help me to study for the exam by sharing any online study material or online videos.
3) If no, please guide me with the next course of action.

Thank you!

Best Regards,


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    1) Don't know
    2) AFAIK, the only material available are the student manuals for the course. Either attend the course or "borrow" them. I haven't been able to borrow them yet. The course seems awesome, but I feel that the exam will be arbitraily difficult. You'd probably have to take it once just to see what they're about.
    3) I'd suggest you go for SISAS. It has both an OCG and CBT Nuggets out. It will renew your CCNA:rs/s and get you started on CCNP:S.
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    Google is your best friend.
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    I am in a similar boat, same certs expiring in december. And I'm also going to look into Syber. However I think I can get my work to pay for a boot camp.
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    anyone take this?
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