Microsoft won't let RedHat anywhere near Seattle?

Looks like I have to go down to California to take my RHCSA. No testing center anywhere near Seattle? How can this be possible considering how big of a tech mecca the area is? I know its Microsoft land, but seriously...

Individual exam sessions | Red Hat

Edit: Dug deeper and found a training location in Seattle, but don't think I can test there...

Training locations and facilities | Red Hat
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  • varelgvarelg Posts: 790Banned
    What?! The name of the city is Seattle not Microsoftia...
    I think you can take the test at a training location, at least that was my case, I took my test at a training location in Denver...
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  • WhiteoutWhiteout Posts: 248Member
    Well that's good news, I'll give the training center a call. Cheers.
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  • LeBrokeLeBroke Posts: 490Member ■■■■□□□□□□
    I took mine in Seattle a few weeks ago, at the Bellevue something something just off the 99.

    Nearest one you can take is in February, though.
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