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Hey guys,

I was starting my CCNA studies 1-2 years ago but started my degree instead. on break and looking to begin CCNA again. I have a lot of lab gear, cisco press books, cbt nuggets and a udemy ccna course (Bryant advantage) so i think resource wise i am good.

My issues is setting goals and knowing what i need to be learning to feel i am progressing etc.

Should i just read the ICND1 exam guide book cover to cover and go from there? Or should i read a chapter, consult the videos, try some stuff out (unsure which stuff will compliment the materials) I know i will be sweet once i get on the rails, just trying to get on first! =)

I have already printed out stuff to stick around the place for visual reminders (OSI layer diagrams, ethernet specs etc)

Should i leave labbing until i finish the book or do it as i go?


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    I would recommend printing out the exam blueprint which shows what will be tested on in the exam.

    This can be found here: https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/community/certifications/ccna/icnd1_v2/exam-topics

    I would say start with CBTNuggets for an overview and then start watching Bryant's series.

    I would say lab as you go, subnet as you go (these are musts).
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    Definitely stay on top of subnetting as it's easy to get rusty with it when you've not done it for a while.

    Simrid's advice is spot on, personally found Bryants video's are a bit dry but he does cover a lot of material! Lab as you can as it really drills the concepts into you and actually using the commands is priceless.
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    How old/recent is your material?
    Cisco changed things in September 2013 (as i recall).
    Make sure your study material is current.

    As for study techniques,
    Definitely LAb as you Go :]

    I tried doing Chris Bryant first... but it was toooo slow.

    On a whim, i switched over to Danscourses (CCNA 1 & 2) for my preparations.
    His style was amazing. I gained a thorough understand, and his Pace lets you Lab WITH him (during the lectures).
    In 70 days, i was a PAcket Tracer pro!

    After i completed parts 1 & 2, that's when i went back and watched Chris Bryant.
    It was still (kind of) Slow, but Chris filled in All the "gaps" that i needed.

    They supplemented each other quite nicely.
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    Reading then doing labs right after seems to work the best for me.
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