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Within a Windows domain, users have access to a specific .mpp project file and update notes on a daily basis to it. Last week, from a period of one day to another, the notes within the cells of the .mpp file have disappeared. The icon next to the cell where notes would normally be shown is still there however. Is there any possibility that the file may have gotten corrupted? That being said, can it be repaired like an Outlook .pst file?


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    I would try manual solution below or paid software Project Repair Toolbox in case first variant does not work or you have severe corruption of .mpp file.

    Re-create a whole new file from the corrupted/bloated file:

    1. Open a new blank project file
    2. Go to Insert/Project and insert the problem file.
    3. Select the first task which will be the insertion point summary line.
    4. Go to Project/Task Information/Advanced tab.
    5. Uncheck the "Link to Project" button and hit "OK".
    6. If the file isn't already expanded, expand it.
    7. Select all tasks below the top level summary line.
    8. Out dent the selected tasks.
    9. Delete the first task which previously was a summary line.
    10. Save the resulting file.
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    If you haven't tried already, look for a shadow copy /previous version.
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