demogorgon15demogorgon15 Member Posts: 11 ■□□□□□□□□□
does anyone here use the preplogic study guides? and if yes how would you rate them?
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  • hanakuinhanakuin Member Posts: 144
    They study guides that I've used from PrepLogic seem to be faily well written, but are very short. Good for an overview or for an additonal review source but not as your primary study source.
  • plettnerplettner Member Posts: 197
    I have used the following:

    Network+ (N10-003)
    Server 2003 Environment (70-290) *still in the process of using
    Server 2003 Infrastructure (70-291) *still in the process of using

    My opinion is they are average but better value than SeltTest Software where there are some errors. I have also used SelfTest.

    Their explanations for answers (PrepLogic) are not that crash-hot in that they are brief but as a study tool, are still quite useful.

    Sometimes they have 50% off deals and that;s when I buy what I need. Normally I think they're $99 USD.

    I agree 100% with hanakuin that they should not be your primary source. Check to see if they have downloadable samples. They are a good indication.
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