Should i go for the CCNP?

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Hi, I'm wondering if i should go for the CCNP and what goes into passing it, e.g Are there more than 1 exam? Or can it be like the CCNA where you take one big exam for the certification?
My relevant qualifications are:
Bsc Computer Science
CCNA Routing
Comptia Network+

The thing is, I have only ever really worked for myself but I'm starting to realise for security and more money I need to be in an organisation now. The work I've done has only been mainly computer technician work (building machines, repairing them, diagnosing faults), just used it to pay for my studies etc...
Am just not sure what type of roles i should start off applying for to be honest with the qualifications i have. I would love to get into Cisco networking, something along those lines.
What type of roles would you say I can apply for right now? And would getting the CCNP get me a better chance of getting job?
I don't know if it matters but I'm 26 as well.



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    There is not a one exam option. For the exams you need to pass see here:

    CCNP Routing and Switching - Cisco

    What type of jobs you'd be qualified for sounds like help desk from your experience. CCNP probably will not help much there, but could certainly down the road in the future.

    Good luck!
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    I would focus just getting into the networking field before starting the CCNP path. Having a CCNP and no job experience can actually hurt you in the interviews. The hard part is just getting into the field itself but once your in the sky is the limit. The CCNP will definitely help you stand out but that goes both ways.
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