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Hello All,
It has been a while since I have been on here at TechExams Forum, I stopped studying for a minute. But for the last Six weeks I have been studying more daily and getting close to where ready to take the ICND1 and again. I this time I hope to pass the exam. with that being said. My question is the a book in which prepare you for the exam or sharpen knowledge? I since have failed that exam previously I don't want to go through that again, not at this point. So I am asking if is the sort of exam-cram book that will both test and sharpen my knowledge and better prepare me for the exam.
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    I read through the whole official Cert Guide books of ICND1 and 2 by Wendell Odom as well and I can claim, it's worth the time and money!
    Specifically, in the ICND1 book you can find all the information pretty detailed what you will need on the exam.
    Another option is to learn from CBT nuggets. My friend tried it as the main direction to prepare for CCNA Security so I think ICND1 can be learned in that way as well.
    In both cases, you have to use Packet Tracer quite a lot in order to acquire the needed hands-on skills for configurations.
    Personally, I wrote a shortened version Word document of all the chapters of ICND1's Cert Guide book to be able to practice and recall my knowledge for the recertification later without the need of reading through the book again (if I'm right it's about 700 pages).

    Hope that helped.
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