JNCIA-JUNOS : JNC0-102: Passed! :)

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Passed with a score of 95%. I'm a newbie in the network world and when my company asked me to take the exam within ten days I panicked left and right. Searched online for tips and that's how I stumbled across this site. So, in gratitude I thought I'd share what I did to prepare for the exam:

Under the fast track you have two PDFs provided and there is a network fundamentals video available on the Juniper site that will suffice to pass. Download Junos Genius and I would suggest while studying the pdf to go through this app so you get an idea how the questions will come. The app also provides explanations and topic wise questions based on the pdf. Provides an excellent tool for revision.

Make sure you go through each page of the pdf and understand the concepts. Brushing through topics like OSPF, RIP,IPV6 will be extremely helpful. From network fundamentals, only basic straight forward questions have been asked. I would suggest going through Micheal Shannon's CBT nugget: "layer-2 and layer-3 exam essentials" to brush up on the required IP addresses/subnetting for the exam.

Output related questions were asked (there are no simulations). For example, they show you an output and tell you something is wrong/need to be added and you have to chose the right answer. If you went through the graphic examples in the PDF that would be more than enough for you to be able to figure out the answer in the exam.

And last but not least, this exam is pretty easy. So don't worry, relax prepare yourself as much as you can... (I dedicated two to three hours a day for a week for this exam) and go nail it! :)


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    Congrats dude, now you must just still update your profile ;)

    Thanks for the tips, I am busy studying for the exam myself and planning on writing next week friday.
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    Thanks! :)
    @ staunchy: Am predicting an easy peasy pass for you ;)! and yesss profile updated!! :D
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    Thanks for the Tips. It really boosted up my energy levels towards this exam and will start CBT and PDF's soon.
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    Good job. I've found our certification exams to be very reasonable and well written. Think about the next one! (JNCIS)
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    I found the APP ...but I am looking for the PDF ???
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    I'm currently studying for this exam, booked it on Monday although may reschedule as I'm struggling with some stuff.

    I've got the Study guides from the Juniper site, watched the CBT nuggets and also using Juniper Genius. Will this suffice?
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    I am happy to say that yesterday I passed the JNCIA-Junos on first attempt with 94%.

    After many years hands on experience with cisco I find Juniper's approach to refresh my interest in the networking technology.
    Certainly I got interested to learn more about Juniper approach and solutions.

    For my preparation I went through with what Juniper recommends:
    1) Took the online wbt presentation (about 5 hours)
    2) I found very helpful the videos for terminology alignment for people with Cisco or other vendor experience.
    3) Read through the 2 pdfs
    4) Installed Junos Genius on my phone (made my commuting to/from work real fun! )

    All of the above and much more can be found at https://learningportal.juniper.net

    Because of work I also had chance to practice (safely) on an MX960.
    Also I am aware that a free demo of SRX is available (but I did not had time to do this).

    This exam is great fun for anyone who wants the basics of Juniper approach to networking.
    Becoming familiar with the general product architecture approach, the basic cli commands (operational and configuraiton) , the routing and forwarding engines, and routing policies and firewall filters was all great fun for me.

    Now looking to move on deeper and considering the next steps..juniper offers a lot of option

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    Congrats to all that passed the exam recently. Due to my recent job change, I need to tackle Juniper very soon, and I'll of course start with the first certification exam, JNC0-102. Since I never worked with Juniper in any form, and won't be looking to spend some bucks on the hardware right away, what would you suggest for device emulation? Back before, for Cisco, I've used both GNS3 and PacketTracer, but just wanted to consult the people that have actual experience what's the best path to go.

    I have quite an experience with Linux and VMware, so if there is an option to spin up a VM to emulate JunOS, I am also into that one.

    * I've checked previous topics briefly, and have already something in my head, so I wasn't that lazy to first ask the question, just wanted to see what are the most recent recommendations :)

    Thanks to everyone in advance!
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    You should look into running the vSRX in Virtual Box so that you can use it in GNS3 alongside IOS images. I've found this to be very helpful.
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