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Hey, I'm wondering if this is doable. I am a student at WGU and I'm about to start my second semester. I completed 35 hours last semester and would like to do a similar amount this go around. I'd like to take the 2 linux+ courses (6 CU), the net+ (4 CU), CCENT (6 CU), CCNA (6 CU), CCNA Security (6 CU) for a total of 28 credits. My question is how doable is this? I have basic experience in networking but no Cisco experience. I will be ready to pass L+ withing 2 weeks of the start of term which gives me about 6 months to focus on networking. My mentor seems cautious and keeps warning me about the CCNA but I would like the opinion of you fine people.


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    It sounds ambitious but not impossible, although without Cisco experience it could be really pushing it. Why don’t you just start with Linux+, Net+, and CCENT and see how much time you have left after that? That would meet your minimum term requirement and if you’re done well within the 6 months you can sit the CCNA (and then the CCNA Sec if you have time). Not finishing a course hurts your On time progress (or whatever it's called).

    On a side note, I’m doing just CCENT and CCNA for next term starting May 1st. I will see how I get on for time :). I haven’t used Cisco in 10+ years so I’m basically starting again.

    Good luck!
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    Oh I didn't plan to add all of them at the start. I'm going to add L+, N+, CCENT then add on as I go. No point risking failure if it isn't necessary. I was just curious as to the volume of information. They list the each Cisco exam as 8 weeks but they listed the A+ as 8 weeks as well. So their times have been grossly overestimated in each course.
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    I've been thinking through this a bit, so bear with me. If you added some supplemental CCNA study materials, such as Paul Browning's CCNA in 60 Days, you might be able to do what you have outlined. As EngRob said, ambitious but not impossible. You just need the right strategy in place.

    BTW, congrats on getting 35 CUs done last semester.
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    I haven't started my degree at WGU yet, but will be starting on 5/1. Speaking with my mentor this week, she told me one of her students completed 85CUs during one of his terms. My goal is 86.

    IMO, set the bar high... if you do, and fall short, you'll still be well off. Good luck!
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    That's definitely a lot to put on your plate. What you can do is this, start your term with L+, N+ and CCENT. After you finish those you don't have to actually add the classes for the CCNA and CCNA Security to your term since you'll already have the necessary amount of CU's. The classes will still be there and you can study all the materials and when you're ready, add them so you can take the tests. If you're getting to the end of your term and it doesn't look like you'll be ready to pass, no worries, just keep studying and pass them at the start of your next term.
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    As far as if you'll be able to learn all the material in one term, I can't help you there, all I have is the lowly A+ haha. The only way to know for sure is if you go for it.
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