Wht shud i do?

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Hi all,

I was amazed with so many blogs here tht i couldn't stop myself to register on this website.

I would really need your help guys..I have been working as an accountant for more then 7 years but have no IT experience. However, I assemble computers, repair them as well (software wise, not hardware repair). I was alwaz keen on doing something in IT as I was so much interested in computers. However, as destiny had it, I became an accountant. I have not thought of changing my career & am thinking seriusly about doing a few courses. I was about to start with Network + followed by CCNA.

However, I have a few questions.

Which one is better, Network + or should I directly start with CCNA?
Secondly, is there going to be a possibility to get a job once I have done these courses?
What is the salary that I should expect?
Is it worth doing these courses now?

Would really appreciate any help & advice.



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    Network+ probably won't get you a job. CCNA might, but if you haven't worked with networking before, it might help to at least read some Network+ study material to familiarize you with the OSI model, layer 2 vs layer 3 devices, Ethernet standards, and so on.
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    I'm just finishing school and have grabbed a few certs along the way as well, but my step towards a network cert was a tough choice. I too threw around the idea if I needed to do Network+ or not. I am really really wanting to do security and will do whatever it takes to get there. This being said, I decided to start with the CCENT, then move to the CCNA. Reason I chose this route is because both Network+ and CCENT are entry level, but the CCENT will help prep me for the CCNA which is very recognized, and the CCENT will also count as a pre requisite for me to take the CCNA Security. In my case, the CCENT/CCNA route outweighed the choice to study for Network+. I have also seen many job requirements asking for the CCNA, haven't seen much at all asking for Network+, but there are a few. Also, don't knock yourself saying you don't have any experience...you do have a little bit. After studying good material that makes sense to you, you will understand things a lot better and things will actually become clear. Knowledge is power my friend.
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    I would start of with Network+ because it give you a foundation of networking. Going into the CCNA exam you will need to know the foundation, because it get a bit deeper into networking.
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    congrats on starting, you are close to where I'm at in regards to the NET+/CCENT situation, I found that the simple fact that I have ZERO networking background is enough for me personally to get the cert, this will hopefully lead me to my CCENT/CCNA Security (my aim is the security field), so, for me the cert is a personal goal and a learning foundation. I want go into the CCENT/CCNA confident that I have a foundation in it. I also did read that NET+ is somewhat more basic compared to the CCENT and obviously not geared toward Cisco products. by the way, I went and got my SEC+ first because of my employer, if I would have had it my way I would have gone back and grabbed the NET+ first.
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    the only reason i asked you'll is bcoz i am currently 32 & have experience in accounting. Have neva worked in IT field but have seriously thought now & made up my mind in starting with IT field & switching my profile altogether. thts wht i wanted to knw whether will i be taking a right step or shud i stop thinking of it & continue as an accountant & do some course in SAP.
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