27 questions out of 100 wrong, first practice exam

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I have been studying for the Network+ for a couple of months. I started studying by reading a textbook a friend of mine gave me called Network+: Guide to Networks 6th Edition by Tamara Dean. I then watched all of the Network+ CBT Nuggets videos by Keith Barker (my job provided this resource.) I then just got done reading the Exam Cram Network+ book. For all of these, I have been taking notes.

I just took my first practice exam out of the back of the Exam Cram book and got 27 questions wrong out of 100. I plan on scheduling my exam for a month from now. In the mean time, I'm going to continue taking practice exams, reviewing my notes, and watching all of the Professor Messer videos on Network+. Does this sounds like adequate time to prepare?

I started my help desk position almost a year ago. I got my A+ back in October and it took me several months to study for it because I had very little computer knowledge at that time. I barely passed my second A+ exam.

Also, does anyone know how much the Network+ is?


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    I haven't taken network+ yet, I got my A+ 14 years ago, and decided recently to update my resume. I do not have photographic memory, and am probably more of an average joe than any other average joe, but I am determined, hence a computer guy. I will read 100% of the study material and retain 50% of it, then miss questions on practice exams. My own personal strategy since then, has been that anytime I hit a question where I don't remember or understand an acronym or topic, I will look it up on youtube, and delve further into the scope of the topic, way beyond what is required. This way, I will still likely forget half of what I learned in the video, but I'll know more than 100% of the original study material, where before I only knew 50% of it. It takes a lot of discipline, many different videos, and don't oversaturate your brain in one sitting. Dedicate a topic with a detailed scope just for one day, and you'll be surprised how your understanding of the material has changed.
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    I think a month should be good enough. Hit the well-known ports, 802.11 standards, Ethernet standards and network commands hard. Make yourself some flashcards and remember: you got this.
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    Hey you are doing great man. in a month time i'm sure you will pass the exam with flying colors. and the exam is $239. I have taken a similar route as you are with my studies and i'm just about ready to sit the exam as well.
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    One thing that I find helpful is to keep a pad with me when doing practice tests.

    When a question or answer refers to something you don't remember or understand add it to a list.
    This will give you a good indication of the things you are weak on.
    After I am done I review what I got wrong and also what I wrote down on my list.

    Good Luck
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    Thanks for the tips, everyone!

    I expected it to be around $200. $239 is a little more than I thought but it'll be worth it.

    Jon_Cisco, that's a really good idea. I haven't done that yet but will keep that in mind.
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    I've learn scoring high on the practice exam doesn't Necessarily means your ready for the exam. But your heading in the right direction, I would do a combination of labs, practice exams and study videos.
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    I used Transcender Practice exam and i did 10 Practice exams and i did not pass any of them. But when i took the actual Net+ exam it felt easier and i passed it. the point is to just relax and once you are on the exam everything you studied will come back. and oh there are several questions that were not scored but you wouldn't know which ones and but they are the most time consuming.
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