CBTs and Handson labs where are there?

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hi guys...I have watched CBT nuggets and INE courses on video and they have lots of slides and such like for example for QOS and all the queue types and congestion management types, but not so much code to tie to each type of queue type....like the instructors say "back in the day they use to use round robin blah blah and then came WRR and then this and that.and not much showing of how each technology actually works on a cisco router or switch...it is hard to understand the slides when you don't even know the terms and have not seen them work?

question: where do you get to see them work? like what books explain actual examples like when I took data structures class at least you had examples of how to use them? I need to see the wrr and srr working so I can understand the slide verbage?

example: they give you this for switch 3560
1P1Q3T; 2Q3T

4Q3T; 1P3Q3T

now how in the heck do I visualize this? it is strange that you have 1 Q coming in but 3Q going out isn't that a bottlekneck? I need to see how this works what cisco books teach this and why don't cbts do better job of teaching this queuing and other types of QOS?


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    Luckily for you QoS is one of my favourite topics and this is what I used when I started:

    http://packetlife.net/media/library/19/QoS.pdf Thanks to Jeremy Strech

    Basic Idea is that you partition traffic using a policy map and then you match particular DSCP values and provide a certain service using a class map

    Are you studying QoS for CCNP Switch? There's a whole Cisco book/exam dedicated to QoS, you might be best off getting that
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    QoS uses service policies. Class maps identify the traffic, policy maps take action on the traffic, and then there's the service policies. You learned about class maps in CCNA Sec. DSCP is used with QoS and you basically allocate a specific amount of bandwidth to a service. Since voice and video technologies (I.e. VoIP and IPTV/VTC) require low latency, it's best to give them some priority in the queue. The best book for this I've been reading up is the QoS certification guide. Check it out.
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    thanks yeah I need to get some queuing books cause CBTs are not enough..
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    I am studying CCNP switch I hope to test out in 2 weeks just want more walk thru on queuing understanding.
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