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Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get some free practice labs for the CCENT (ICND1) only. I've actually found some at this site:


But, there are only a couple for each subject, and some of them have ICND2 material which I know little about. I am planning on taking my exam next Friday (May 30th) and just wanted a little more practice on my CLI and troubleshooting. I have most of the topics down pretty well as I've studied the Odom book twice now and have watched Jeremy's CBTNugget vids (some complicated topics twice).

Thanks in advance!


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    Thank you. I forgot to mention I have only used Packet Tracer up to this point, and not GNS3. Would it even be worth trying to learn GNS3 with a week and a half until I take the exam? Or would you advise to just concentrate on studying and using PT for CLI for now?
  • You can get the scenarios from gns3vault, but practice it in PT.
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    Soooo, you have the paid version of a program and not the free one? I'm interested to know why you need labs if you're enrolled in the Networking Academy.

    To be honest, follow the GNS3-vault and you'll have no problems. He's done some really great labs, and write-up's, too. You can actually copy the labs and transfer them over to PT.
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