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Ok so really struggling with this one. I bought an exam voucher last year for all exams and it expires on 31st December 2014. I completed the 70-410 exam, but have to say my heart was not in it and did not enjoy it all that much. I'm currently studying CCNA Voice and I'm loving it but the problem is, I've still not got a job in IT (Working as a web developer) and want to know if maybe I should get on and just complete these exams or start on CCNP.

I'm moving to a city in Jan so will be looking for an IT job then, ultimately I want to work in networking, will this cert benefit me or should I get on and focus on CCNP after Voice? I know I will need to go entry level, would most networking guys start off doing MS or not? Cant decide because I've no experience of what I should be looking at for first job if I want a career in networking!


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    Well in my opinion I'd finish out the Microsoft certifications first, then go back to CCNP. The CCNP is not any entry level certification and in most cases you'll have to build up your real world experience first before you can get into a job that would utilize CCNP knowledge. The Microsoft certifications will help you get your foot in the door before the CCNP will.
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    Yeah I understand, would it help me break into networking though? I feel like maybe CCNP could impress more at interviews (Studying it, not completed). Are most network engineers involved with Microsoft stuff early in their careers?
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    This is a tough one. Do you want to be a Network Administrator or a Network Engineer? Network admins generally deal specifically with the Network and the Network Engineers do Networking, Windows OS and some Linux OS.

    Is your MS voucher for the MCSA or MCSE? It also looks like you already have a CCNA R&S. If so, complete your CCNA Voice and finish up your MCSA. Then complete your CCNP.
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    Sell the voucher and do what you love.

    Plenty of successful Network Admins here that have never touched a Microsoft cert. If you don't have the desire to learn it and maintain the knowledge then it isn't worth your effort and time.
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    I think it is good to be well rounded because you never know what you will have to deal with at some point in a career. Base Microsoft certifications along with a CCNA should get you in the door. You may have to start at a help desk which is where I started and move up.
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    I would like to be a Network Engineer. Its difficult because after CCNA I feel like I really want to focus on Networking now but being realistic, maybe this could get me through the door in a few more places, and I do have the other 2 exams paid for. I did enjoy messing about with server and learned loads but the exam was odd I thought and didn't really reflect the book I used. Anyway, think I will bash out these 2 exams before Christmas then get back on track with CCNP in Jan. Thanks for all the advice :)
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    Maybe I'm wrong here, but I think it would be extremely rare to jump from a web developer right into a networking job. I think you should focus on finding a lower level IT job before you get your CCNP. If I was hiring someone for IT help desk job (the usual starting off point for an IT career) I would not want someone with a CCNP. Reason being, I wouldn't imagine that person would want to be there very long... And they are just looking for a short term experience.

    I'm fairly new in IT so other people, please correct me if I'm wrong. But here is the path I'm on. 3 years ago got my first job out of college in Web Development. Was only there for a few months before I found an internship in IT which turned into a full-time help desk position where I was at for 2 and a half years. During that time got my A+ and Network+. About 6 months ago got a Systems Analyst job at different company which is going to turn into a Systems Administrator position in probably like 3 months. Currently working on my MCSA Server 2012. Hopefully have it done by then.

    Maybe it is different since your going into Networking... I’d be interested to hear what someone currently in Networking opinion is

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    Thanks for the advice. I got the web developer job out of uni but it also involves a lot of cloud server work and linux so not run of the mill web developing. My heart was always in networking but my local area does not have networking jobs and I just got the job and stayed there 3 years.

    Yeah I totally get the CCNP point, I think its looking like MCSA is the best way to get in to a lower job rather than CCNP. I'm guessing the CCNP would take about a year anyway so this may coincide with getting a networking role anyway. I can always hold off putting it on my CV for jobs that don't ask for it.
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    Certs wont necessarily get you the job you want nor do you have to tell your employer which certs you have. I would personally go the route that feels best to you. Study what you want to do and if your looking for a Help Desk job just don't put the CCNA on the resume if you fear they'll look over you because you have it. Only give out that information if they ask and if it is important for your career advancement.

    Personally if I was working towards a network engineer type job I'd worry more about the cisco certs over the MS ones. Only go for the MS ones if the employer wants them.
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