Need some advice on what certs to go for next (MCSA or LINUX+/RHCSA

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Hi everybody, I'll keep this brief and to the point. Just looking for some advice.

I'm currently working in a helpdesk position in an office that is entirely OS X with a little bit of Linux. I'm planning on finishing my CCNA I'm June, but I'm unsure of what certification to pursue next. I originally planned on getting MCSA Server 2012 after my CCNA, but because I'm working in an Apple environment, should I focus more on Linux first?

I'd like to note that my long-term goals are not to remain in an Apple environment, but I will if the pay is good enough.


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    I'm by no means able to give advice, but I will try my best. How long do you plan on staying at the company? How fast can you grab an Apple cert? Will it help your pay? Where do you want to move to next? What type of role are you interested in?
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    I'd like to move to a Microsoft office within two years at the most.

    I'm interested in systems admin, with a strong knowledge of network admin
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    I would definitely grab MCSA Server 2012 before you apply. I myself am thinking about Server 2012 MCSA And if it helps pay at your current job, and isn't a hassle, I would grab an Apple cert. However the apple cert is not necessary. Look at some job descriptions and see if server 2012 would be best or another cert like MCSA 8.1. I doubt it will carry more weight, but still something to look into.
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    Here is what I would do. Since I can't forecast the future (which comes as a huge surprise to my kids), I would get the Linux+ cert first. That way, if I stay on with the present company for any length of time, that cert might get me a raise. After that, I'd focus on the MS Windows Server 2008/2012 cert. That will provide me with options for future employment, especially if things sour at the present employer.

    Now, one advantage to that plan, if pitched correctly, is that you look like you are engaged in learning opportunities that benefit your present company while also looking like someone who is constantly striving to improve your knowledge of other technologies.
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