Passed net+!!!

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Passing score 80% or better. I received 84%. Mixed bag of feelings here. Relieved I passed, but was aiming for 90% or more as those higher marks are the ones that likely get looked at more, in terms of employers interviewing and hiring for jobs!! Relieved I passed, but unsure if my score is enough for employers to go ahead and hire me (are they only just looking at the pass/fail box or are they really judging you by your score??)....I missed a whole lot of hands-on practice our class should've received. The ones in our class who aced the test got most of the hands-on training and the rest of us only got minimal. If we're gonna get hired on for jobs, we really need to know our stuff--and the hands-on exercises shoulda helped increase the test score!!! It was similar circumstances on the Security+ certification exam too. School gave us JKO-019 instead of N10-005.


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