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Hi all,

Just started reading the CCNP Route OCG, and I must say that this is one of the most boring Cisco books I have ever read.

Reading every page just makes me die a little inside. I spend more time flipping forward to see when the chapter is going to end than reading it. Don't get me wrong, I love routing, and my job, but its Odom's writing style which puts me off big time.

I can't do it, I'm moving on to the FLG. Do you guys think that reading the FLG alone is enough to do well in the exam? Just note that I have INE and CBT nuggets which I plan to go through as well.



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    route simplified is your choice.
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    Hi Lincis_aus,

    I second this, found this a bloody awful book! Have you looked at Chris Bryant's material? I have purchased his videos and study guide for Route and so far it is the best material I have found. He explains all the subjects so well and now I understand them compared to OCG and Simplified!
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    The OCG doesn't have all the material you need to pass. Go with Route Simplified as others recommended
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    Maybe it's just me, but I thought the OCG was great.
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    It definitely covers pretty much the whole exam from what I have read in reviews. The thing with Odom is he uses 2 pages to describe and explain something which can be explained in a paragraph.
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    I have this same issue with any of the Wendell Odom books. I just can't read them. It's like trying to read the dictionary, just plain boring. I did like the writing style of the FLG much more. Simplified was a very good book as well. My only issue with the Simplified book was that it has some typographical errors, but it is much more in depth than any of the 3 books (OCG, FLG, Simplified). I've read thousands and thousands of pages of books, but I have yet to trump one of Wendell Odom's books.
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    I'm using OCG & FLG
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    I also found the OCG very dry and hard to read, it was a bit disappointing really. I liked the FLG and thought it was pretty good and I am currently finishing off by reading the simplified book. My favourite so far is the FLG, but that might just be because I have the ROUTE simplified kindle book on my ipad and I'd much rather have a dead tree in my hands...its much easier to carry around though.
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    I'm I the only one that prefers physical books? My eyes hurt more reading of an LCD screen - bright or dark..
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    I'm with you guys on that one, I really need that physical book in my hands, watching the book.ark move towards the end is a fantastic motivator!
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