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I've recently finished school, (I've done a few technical courses in school.. Nothing past the A+) and I'm progressing onto University this September to study Computer Networks and Security (My ambition is to work within the Networking/Security Industry). I don't have intentions on knocking off my A+ since I can't seem to find a reason to pursue that until absolute necessary (within a year or twos time)

(I asked one of my teachers, that taught me for a technical subject and he recommended that I should spend my time during the summer getting my Network+, Security+, And then during the first year of my university course to consider pursuing CCNA R&S and the CCNA Security and then if I get the time to consider quickly knocking off the A+)

What recommendations would you guys have for certifications that I should get whilst still in education (if possible could they be listed in order of importance)

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    There's a lot to consider when thinking about something like this. If it were me, I'd skip both the N+ and A+ exams. The knowledge is great to have, but I wouldn't put money towards the certifications. Although, both of them would be quicker to get than a CCNA, and both would possibly be enough to get you in to an entry-level job in the industry. From my experience and observations getting your foot in the door is the hardest part, so maybe you would be better off going for the N+ and A+. Especially is you can afford it without any problems.
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    I have always viewed security somewhat as an extension of what you are securing. It's hard to do network security if you don't have a strong understanding of the network that you want to secure. I would start off with the networking, and the CCNA would probably be best for you. And skip all those worthless CompTia certs. They mean next to nothing.
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    I like what your instructor recommended. More important perhaps even than the certification is that you gain the ground level knowledge from these two certifications. I don't see any reason why you cannot get both certifications in a two month period during the summer. It will take some discipline, but you are going to need that to forge a long career in IT. I also recommend spending the extra time to prep for certifications while you are already consumed with the topics in your coursework. For the most part a lot of colleges actually use the certification textbook as the course text. It makes sense to go the extra mile and spend the extra hour and a half a day prepping for the cert. If you do the hour and a half everyday for a month do the math on how much study time you accumulate.
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