how do you do to keep focused while studying?



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    I study normally I have no technique what so ever, often if I have a lot in my mind or just upset for some reason it becomes very difficult to keep focus, but I prefer total silence and no distractions when I am studying. The only thing I am having trouble with is the time to study, I am not really organized when it comes setting time to study at home and at work, something always comes up when my mind is put into it, there only time when timing is perfect for studying is when I am really lazy and that's when it gets hard to focus on studying.
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    Params7 wrote: »
    How to Beat Procrastination | Wait But Why

    Take a read through this folks.

    This is absolutely stellar.. I'd definitely recommend reading the first part of the series as well.
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    I listen to rain... icon_lol.gif

    It blocks out noise so I can read a chapter or two at work when we've got downtime. is epic!! I love the sound of rain when studying. Something about it just helps me focus, relax and let the Cisco material soak in.
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    I stretch before starting and if time allows do a light workout to make the "juices flow" a bit better. I've also found several nootropics and supplements to be particularly helpful. Neuro Force and Sunifiram are two that I would recommend to just about anyone. The Neuro Force (Adrafinil) is a precursor to Nuvigil/Provigil and is commonly used by people who work late shifts or get limited sleep, it doesn't really provide energy in the physical sense but does leave you feeling like waking up from a refreshing sleep. Sunifiram stimulates the AMPA and GABA receptors which are both implemented and used in thought formation and memory recall, as well as leave you feeling focused.
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    Params7 wrote: »
    How to Beat Procrastination | Wait But Why

    Take a read through this folks.

    This is interesting, summarizes the advices from most replies here.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.
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    This technique actual works, I have used this for 5 years. Last year I started coding my first program called Stayfocused impelments it.

    Try it out at Stayfocused: A free to-do list with Pomodoro timer - Bytesignals
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    The thing that has worked for me is going sitting outside (if weather permits) or sitting in a room with music on really low.
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    I find myself having trouble actually getting started on the whole study process. I need my computer for me practice exams, but the moment I stare at the screen I start doing worthless things like browsing the web. I think I may try to implement some of your study techniques.
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    I tried the Rainy Mood website today and it was awesome while I was reading my study guide. Lol, it just doesn't work too good when i am trying to watch a video on Installing and Configuring Server 2012.
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    There is a lot of ambient natural sounds music, including white and pink noise. The meditation, massage, and yoga CDs are full of it.

    When you can't hear the different between rain falling and a steak frying in a pan then you've reached your peak learning potential. sleeping.gif
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