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I'm curing to know what your thoughts were on additional literature for the VCP5-DCV exam. I'm finishing the course required by VMware this week. I've read through the entire text, done the labs in class and i've been working with VMware for the past 8 or so months.

I've gotten conflicting information, some people say that's enough material to pass the VCP5 - others say it's not. What book(s) would you suggest to additional content when studying for the VCP. I hope to take the VCAP early next year so if a book can be detailed enough for that, that would be a bonus.

Specific book suggestions would be helpful. Scott Lowe? Any others?


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    The couse alone is not enough for most people and would not have been enough for me either. I definately would recommend picking up the Scott Lowe book, it is an amazing resource.
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    VCAP is on a whole different level but the Mastering VMware vSphere series might give you a good idea.
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    Sweet - i've read a few of Scott Lowe's blogs and met him at vmug. Quality book? If so i'll probably get that one.
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    Scott Lowe's book is worth its weight in gold. Know it end-to-end and you have a decent chance at the VCP and a leg-up on the VCAP-DCA. The DCA will require extensive labbing for a few months and apart from the laggy testing environment it's a great exam. Time management is critical to passing the DCA though.
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    Lab, Scott Lowe book, blueprint,official vmware documentation. I cannot stress enough how important the blueprint and documentation was for me.
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    The Lowe book is good. I used the following sources as well.

    VCP 5 |

    New study guides for VCAP5-DCA and VCP5-DCV exams
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    Whatever materials you use, refer to the exam blueprint so you understand what the exam is going to test you on. I would suggest to build a lab to play with the features tested on.
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    Thanks for the information and helpful hints. I'll pickup the Scott Lowe book next week and study / lab my arse off. Hope to take it this fall.
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