WGU or Koenig Solutions?

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Hi, Looking to further my career and want some of your opinion between doing a WGU BS course or going to Koenig Solutions for the CCNA course. Is going the BS route much more beneficial than just getting certs in certain areas of expertise or not? Thanks in advance.
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    Comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges. Personally, I would say try to do both academic qualifications and professional certifications. You haven't listed in this thread what you do and what you have already, so I can't really give a more specific opinion :)
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    If you have a Bachelors go with Koenig, if you don't go with WGU. That degree is a huge HR check. I have 14 years of experience and I still get hit by the HR check a lot.
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    Koeing is very expensive. I would go with WGU and at least try to get a degree out of it.
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    You don't say what you would be doing with Koeing, it could be that you could self-study or attend your local college to get those professional certs :)
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    It depends what you mean by expensive. I have to get certified for a DOD job in Solaris. I asked my company to pay for the classes. IT was a two parter at about 3K each. The classes weere to be given at ORacle and I would have had to travel. I contacted Koenig, there class was a little over 3K, plus another $2500 in air faire. Lodging included, breakfast and dinner. No one else wanted Solaris, so it was me and the instructor. Voucher included. I didn't take the test there. I returned to the US and took the tests. I scored 88 I think on the first one, and very high 90ties on the 2nd. I was very pleased with the class and what I got out of it. The first time I'd really been out of the US, I don't consider TJ or Montreal to be much of a stretch, so India was quite different. I'd go back for Red Hat, but I'm now nearing retirement.
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    I personally would go through WGU. The cost is a great deal.
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    WGU is a good deal for sure.
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