Passed 98-349 and 98-366

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Kinda new to the forum, wanted to share what certs I earned and how I studied. (It might be helpful)

These were taken 3 weeks apart.
92%, 98-349 MTA OS Fundamentals
85%, 98-366 MTA Network Fundamentals

Study time: 4 days
Time spent on test: 40-45 minutes, I tend to let the time run out while I review and think.

Read the book "Windows Operating System Fundamentals: MTA 98-349" ISBN-13 978-1118295274
I skimmed through it honestly, looking at terms and technologies I didn't know or haven't used much. Would not recommend skimming through it. I would suggest installing Windows 7 clean and upgrading and using the basic tools MS provides with it. Snipping tool, Windows Media Center, etc. Microsoft has pages dedicated to these tools and several others which give a short but good read on what they are and what they do.
Background: I've worked in an IT department for 4 years and currently work at an IT consulting business, for the last 3 years I've been using and administrating Windows 7.

Study time: 3 days
Time spent on test: Same as above.

Watched several CBT Nuggets training videos covering exam objectives and read few Wikipedia articles.
I went into the exam a bit presumptuous, thought it was going to be a bit easy, until I got to the second question.
After I left the testing center, I was thinking about questions I knew I got wrong and the answers it had. I realized some of the correct answers 30 minutes after the test! I think I might have been a bit too tired and maybe a little stressed. I would suggest reading a book geared toward the exam and studying VPN technologies and how they work. I studied subnets thinking I would run into several questions on it, I wasn't the best at understanding it. So I studied and finally grasped it, only to find it didn't ask one question on subnets. I'm sure questions are there for it, I just didn't get any. So, my suggestion on this would be to give yourself enough time to study and ensure you understand what the objectives list. So much hindsight, I wish I could've told myself this stuff a few weeks back. :p Also, if you have a membership to a video training site, watch all the videos on the subject.
Background: Again, work experience, however, I didn't do much networking and when I did it was very basic stuff. I had gone to a trade school in the past for computer servicing and it covered networking. I also really like reading Wikipedia articles. :)

Hope this helps some people and good luck!

P.s: Can't reiterate enough! Give yourself time to study for the exams, make sure you feel comfortable with what's listed in the objectives. I'm sure I would have score a bit higher if I gave myself more time.


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    I am planning on taking 98-349 next week. How difficult would you say the test is? Is there any online study material you can recommend? Just for a little background on me. I recently finished my B.S. in Cyber Security and I have my Sec Plus. I was looking at 98-349 because I need a lesser cert for my job.
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    Personally I felt it was pretty simple/easy, albeit some of the questions threw me off. If you've worked with Windows 7 for some time from a technician and home user perspective, you may do pretty well IMHO.

    For online materials, apart from the mentioned above I used TechNet articles and some articles from the link below.
    Explore Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows

    It might be worth going to Amazon to get an ebook to look into. (I gave the ISBN of the one I used in the first post)

    P.s: Make sure you feel comfortable with the objectives linked below.
    98-349 Objectives
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    Thanks, I found a copy of Sybex Microsoft Windows OS today I am gonna give a try. Will check out the TechNet articles as well
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    So if, I already have experience troubleshooting networks adn knowledge on hot to program cisco routers ( I still dond have my CCNA) it will be easy for me ?

    Im just worried about the OSI model, the 7 layers and how to describe them icon_redface.gif
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    Not sure, so I can't say if it would be. I'm not a networking guru by any means, so if I had to give it a difficulty rating..
    0 being clicking a mouse, 10 being in Latin.
    98-349 would be a 2/10, and the 98-366 would be a 4/10

    I would highly recommend reading a book on the exam(perhaps the one from Sybex) before going in.

    As far as the OSI goes, to know the order I used a mnemonic going from bottom up "Please Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza Away":PDNTSPA
    To know the common tech on each layer I wrote down each technology and it's layer several times. (Repetition does help)
    For me, knowing where the technology belongs slightly assists in describing the layer.

    Hope this helps!
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