Linux+ for helpdesk/desktop support Linux job?

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I am studying for the Linux+, got all my material ready and cracking on. My main drive for this cert is to help me get a NOC position later down the line when I get my CCNA.

I have been at odds with myself for studying towards the Linux+, or MCSA in Windows 7 and get a better job faster, while waiting for my course for the CCNA to finish.

Then it hit me, would it be possible to get a Linux support role with this cert? I always assumed Linux administration would be on a sys admin level, not a desktop support role, but companies and businesses that run in a Linux environment, they would have have Linux based helpdesk positions?


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    They are out there, but usually it's more on sysadmin side.. I've seen helpdesk position that "require" linux skills because it helps, but usually helpdesk is all windows/mac os x for the most part.
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    Hopefully I can help you a bit as I was in a very similar situation.

    Unfortunately, Linux support jobs are very hard to find as most companies that use Linux will be using it for a backend so supporting that would mean a sysadmin position. The easiest way to get a linux role would be to move up through support (Hammer out certs and do this quickly) and then work in a Linux environment.

    I got lucky myself by landing a Product Support Engineer role which is heavily linux based so I do a lot of troubleshooting on linux backends. These jobs DO exist, albeit very rare.

    I only have 4 months experience working in IT but it's been a passion of mine for years.

    Good luck
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    I suspected much, thanks for the replies guys!

    I will hammer out the Linux+ (for some reason, it clicks very well for me) and then the MCSA for Windows 7. I currently work in an internship for tiny pay, so any route faster to a paying job will be welcome!
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    With the Linux+, you might be able to land a junior linux system admin position. If you let them know you'll be pursuing RHCSA/RHCE, then it might help even more.
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    Usually to get started it would be a junior admin role or at a web host. That is what I found when I was researching trying to crack into the Linux field. I had a couple of interviews but couldn't get my foot in the door in the end and found the awesome job that I currently have which unfortunately is not a Linux based role but a JOAT(mostly windows/cisco). If you are in USA/Europe it should be much easier though.

    Here is a couple of blog posts I wrote that may help you out with your Linux+ studies. Good luck.

    Certification Tips - Studying For The Linux+
    Certification Tips - Build A Lab For The Linux+
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    Thanks for the links Bryzey!

    Just read a few pages of my Linux+ Study Guide, and already have a few questions! (don't like the presumption made on the authors part on certain things, but I guess thats what actively researching is for!).

    I have more material for the Linux+ then I ever had with any other of my certs. Its my first attempt using the command line this heavily (apart from Cisco CLI) and cant wait to really dig in and know how to use it well.

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    Install virtual box or vmware player / workstation and go to town , practice and explore the os :)
    2015 goals - ccna voice / vmware vcp.
  • BryzeyBryzey Member Posts: 260 - match command-line arguments to their help text

    Thats a nice site for understanding what the commands and switches you are typing. Really big help learning and understanding the cli.
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    I rented a VPN and installed non-GUI versions of CentOS and Debian.

    I was happy to have so much material to study from but now its a bit to much! Enjoying it so far though, would be over the moon to actually be able to write simple scripts.

    Another great website Bryzey :D
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