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Hi everyone,

I am new at cisco and I need to connect to the internet on the topology that I attached.I can access to 4 websites by 4 servers but my project asistant wants me to access all the websites.Which configuration should I use? Can you please help me?


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    I can't make out the pictures to even try to help.

    What do you mean you are new at Cisco? Do you work there and this is an assignment / test for your manager or are you an intern or something?
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    I am an intern but not in Cisco.I am working for another company as an intern and I am trying to learn cisco by myself and I have this project.I am asking for that I need to access the internet and my assistan wants that, this network will ping every IPs.I configured 4 servers so this means I can reach 4 websites but he says I don't need to configure every IPs and he doesn't say the way me to access the internet. icon_sad.gif
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    The title of your post could use some help. It does not really say anything. It just conveys a sense of false importance.

    I'm guessing the boss wants you to reduce the cost of the WAN links. NO idea.

    Good Luck!
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    Thank you for your kindness Jon_Cisco but I really need help.I am trying to access the internet with this network about 15 hours!Tomorrow he wants the project finished and if it doesn't work my internchip will be invalid.
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    ELIF_ wrote: »
    Thank you for your kindness Jon_Cisco but I really need help.I am trying to access the internet with this network about 15 hours!Tomorrow he wants the project finished and if it doesn't work my internchip will be invalid.

    I'm not sure your capable for this project; you can't just accept a project and expect to learn Cisco overnight.

    it would be helpful if your pictures were readable right now there too small to even see them.
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    @ELIF_, are you asking how people outside of the network can access the internal websites? If so and your company is using a firewall, you need create a NAT(s).
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    I'm confused as to what needs to reach the internet. It should just be as easy as creating a default route to the ISP's gateway address, for example:

    ip route being your ISP's gateway address.
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    Maybe if you moved your question to the Cisco forum, you may find ppl who have come across the similar issue. I can't make out the picture at all.
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    He says with cloud and a server it can be happen but he doesn't say anything else.I hope in this picture it is clear icon_sad.gif I am trying to learn cisco from the documents he gave me and nobody helps me.Thank you for your help.He says any computer in this network will ping all websites like our computer's access to the internet but he doesn't tell me the way.

    ----Accessing the internet from my LAN is what I need----
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    Morning ELIF_

    I am not sure what you are trying to achieve but based on the little information I can make out on the network diagram, there is no internet connection it looks like an enclosed network, you need to route all your networks to the breakout firewall/router, how you do this depends on your routing setup?

    There really isn't enough information to provide any real guidance other than general topology tips. As ande0255 states you need a route configuring to tell the network how to get to the internet.

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    Do yourself a favor and host that picture elsewhere and post the link here. You may actually get some help if the community can see the diagram.
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    I can see it now...in an attempt to help, TE provides the commands for a Turkish nuclear plant worker to establish a default-route for a previously air-gapped network...Stuxnet 2.0 icon_twisted.gif
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    Perhaps he wants you to drop the cloud icon from packet tracer to indicate it's the internet. Then point your default routes to it.

    Good Luck. If he is not being very helpful it's probably because he wants you to experience the joy of learning while doing. Usually the complete answer is not out there and you need to find all of the pieces to fit together to get your job done.

    Good Luck!
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