CEH - Worth it?

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    What is your Job role? Have you actually studied for the CEH? It's not an easy test and has a very difficult curriculum.
    If it doesn't directly support your job function that's probably why your company wont pay for it.
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    Personally, I feel the CEH is overrated at best. It's a mile long and an inch thick. If you are going to spend some money I would say go with OSCP, much more respected and you will get way more out of it.
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    The application fee is now $120? Man, EC Council will have the total cost of CEH at $1000 before we know it.

    Unless you need it for your job, save yourself the time and aim for something else.
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    After taking S+ then reading the C|EH book, I decided not to take it. Then I heard all of these stories regarding EC Council, and the exorbitant (and increasing!) fees...not worth it.
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    I just checked and it still shows on their site as being $100.

    Although that's not near as painful (or as much BS) as paying a $500 application fee for LPT. Ouch!

    I also didn't know that EC-Council had marketing and PM certifications: CIMP and CPMP.
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    You really have to analyze what the potential ROI is and how the cert firs in your overall career plan. I personally don't see much value in the cert. I'm taking it soon for just two reasons:
    1. Required for the WGU MSISA
    2. I want to be CEH buddies with colemic

    That's it!
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