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Just a couple of high level questions if you don't mind.
  • I am moving into another company and they would like me to ramp up on SSIS. They have a ad hoc process in place right now and they want to move into some automation. I have a high level understanding of SSIS. In your opinion what approach would you take to understanding this? I removed my Express version and installed the 180 day trial of the enterprise with reporting, analytics and integration services.
  • I am currently going through a training course provided by It's free since I graduated from WGU, I still have access to their library etc so I am going through this course.
Any other recommendations? I start my new gig on the 25th and would like to get a strong understanding in place prior to start. I told them I had very little to no skills with SSIS. However it sounds like someone needs to take this component on and it might as well be me.

Thanks for any replies in advance.


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    I would take a look at some videos on PluralSight. I've created a few SSIS packages and they aren't too bad. Sounds like you are on the right track with the free trial. Do you have AdeventureWorks2012? I think they also have a DW version you could practice on, too.
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    Carl thanks for the reply. Yes I loaded the DW version of AW Data warehouse. So far so good. Just curious when you installed the database did you burn from ISO or just install the CAB files or use Azure?
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    It's been so long that I don't remember. I thought I was able to download the MDF directly and restore it into my environment. If you only have the DW versions it may be useful for you to have the non DW version as well. This will let you practice setting up ETL from your OLTP to your OLAP environment. It's very common to have ETL jobs that run every day, either from a restored copy of a production database or just an extract.
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    Yep a little over my head at this point.

    I am working at getting the environment completed, right now I am installing analysis packs and data warehouse packs. Can't wait to get this completed, I have 2 weeks to straight up geek out on this data warehouse.

    BTW Thanks for the heads up.
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    Oh my

    I started to build out control flow containers with some scripting and I am melting my brain. I am learning C# of the fly, lol. Talk about opening Pandora's box, this is out of control.

    I think it's safe to say if you became good at this you could easily command 140,000 a year.
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    I have been spoon feeding myself this information. I am ~40% complete with the training, so far so good. It touches on views indexes and then gets into DW configurations like snowflake and star schemas. I have created some structures and now I am working through some of the integration elements. I love that visual studio is integrated into data tools and the drag and drop feature is there to build out your ETL.

    I've started apply functions etc to get used to some of the tools. Right now I am trying to formulate a extract process for now. I think FTP with some validation might be the way to go but I am still a ways off. 60% MORE TO watch :)

    I'll follow back up once I completed. Before starting my new role on the 25th my boss wants me to complete this Six Sigma green belt training. It's not to bad just some basic stats formulas, TTEST and Standard Deviation mainly with frameworks or methodologies. Whatever lol
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