One week to go...

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I have one week until I sit the CISSP exam, and was hoping I could gain some advice. To give a little background, let me explain my study efforts and situation. I have been studying for the CISSP on and off for the last year, and have only been seriously studying for the last month. Here is a summary of what I have used to study:

Shon Harris AIO (Read ENTIRE book and completed all quizzes)
Eric Conrad CISSP Study Guide ("")
Eric Conrad 11th Hour ("")
ISC2 CBK (Skimmed)
CBT Nuggets CISSP videos
Mc-Graw Hill questions and MP3s (scoring ~80%)
CCCure Questions (1000+ questions ~80%)
ISC2 CISSP CBK Review Seminar (scored 76% on 125q sample test and 75% to 90% on all end of domain quizzes)

So, I am taking the exam next Sat the 23rd, but I am having trouble trying to stay motivated to keep studying. I know I need to keep working on the areas I am weakest in, but it is hard to stay focused! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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