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Just finished my associates in computer information technology. I have been studying for the A+. Does anyone know approximately how many questions are on the test? I think I am in studying overkill mode. I have several books and the virtual test center from sybex. The variance of the questions on practice tests I have been taking are getting confusing. I even ran into contradicting questions. Any suggestions to which are the more legitamate study sites? Oh one more... The sybex trainer's questions can be a little complex compared to other practice test I have taken. Are the A+ test questions complex or simplified or mixed.


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    The current amount of questions is 20 to 30 per exam.

    Besides our own A+ TechNotes and practice exams, try the link sections on these pages:
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    The best place to get info on any test you are taking is the site of the vedor itself. (i.e. - CompTIA - for this question)

    From ComTIA's site :
    A+ exams consist of two exams and both tests are administered in an adaptive format. Each test consists of 20 - 30 questions and are scored on a scale of 0 - 1300. The minimum passing score for the A+ Core Hardware exam is 596 and the minimum passing score for the A+ OS Technologies exam is 600. Thirty minutes are allowed to complete each exam.

    HTH :)
    Bob Johnson
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    :D Thanks for the very fast reply. (lol matter of minutes). This has to be one of the best forums that I have ran across. Yes Webmaster I did check out your links. thx
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