Passed CISSP

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Passed the exam...

I took around 5 of the 6 hours given. The exam was 250 questions, and of course all of them are multiple guess/choice.

1. Material used: CISSP AIO v5, ISC2 OIG, Shon Harris Video Mentor, CCCURE Forums, and CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional - Exam Prep App in AppStore

2. Broke studying into 1 solid week per domain, and gave 2 week s of just reviewing questions.

3. Suggestions for members – This exam isn’t easy, but don’t over study. This exam is a inch deep and a mile wide. There’s no way you can know everything, but knowing how to come to the right conclusion is the most important aspect of this exam. By knowing the high level concepts that they expect you to know, you will pass the exam. If you memorize the technical stuff, such as the layers of the OSI model, that may or may not help you solve a telecommunications question on the exam.( I wouldn’t count on it)

Overall I really enjoyed the exam experience… just remember that you MUST have patience when it comes to take the exam, but more importantly afterwards … I took the exam a bit ago, and am working on the second step (endorsement).


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