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hey guys, do you know of any troubleshooting books for real world hands on help.
I just got a job as a network engineer and wanted to know of any quick command book on troubleshooting routing like BGP, connection issues etc...thanks


  • shodownshodown Member Posts: 2,271
    cisco troubleshooting IP protocols I think thats the name. If you are a network engineer thats a must have book IMHO.

    TCP/IP VOL 1 and 2 you should also have those as well.
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    CUCM SRND 9x/10, UCCX SRND 10x, QOS SRND, SIP Trunking Guide, anything contact center related
  • itdaddyitdaddy Senior Member Member Posts: 2,089 ■■■■□□□□□□
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    Congrats on the new position! Those are definetly great reads I plan to get after finishing NP as periodic reads.
    Currently Studying: IE Stuff...kinda...for now...
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    thanks Daniel,
    yeah love my job. It allows room to grow. I work with a team of telecom guys and we setup managed WANs and edge vpn routers so cool but
    I need to brush up on TS and any real world enterprise TS technique cause now I am with Enterprise and it is a larger animal now. but love it.
    good luck certs did help me get this job.
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    Congrats on your studies
  • itdaddyitdaddy Senior Member Member Posts: 2,089 ■■■■□□□□□□
    thanks Chandima the certs helped my understanding of things to come to learn...these guys where are work are very talented I hope to help them work and learn from them..and maybe I can teach them something I have learned humbly! thank you
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