Passed CISSP Today - Long Journey

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Glad to finally say I passed the exam. Praise the Lord! I actually felt better about the test the last few times. Didn't feel like I passed this time until the guy said "Congrats!" I am still in disbelief being so used to seeing the paper with 10 domains listed on it saying thanks but try again. I took the last exams at 8am but this time I booked it for noon. I think the few more hours of sleep gave me better focus.

Anyway, I posted awhile back after getting a 696. But with life events and little ones, I had to wait over a year to take again. It was definitely a long hard journey spanning over 5 years - my other scores were 695 and 687 icon_cry.gif. I have about 9 years of security experience mostly in management/operational controls, but this past year in my job I worked a lot with our data center which I think helped a great deal in learning technical concepts. There really is no more valuable learning than on the job.

I read a ton of books and study guides (Conrad, Harris, ISC2, Dummies, etc.). It almost got to the point that I read so many sources that it was confusing me a bit when I had to recall the information. This time around I focused on 11th hour and Gibson's CISSP Rapid Review (his book though not in depth speaks a lot on important concepts). I focused my study the last 2 weeks in reading those books and going back to Shon Harris or YouTube/Wiki to hammer home concepts. If you've seen Professor Messer on YouTube he is really good at speaking about technical concepts in easy to understand language.

I really did no practice exams this time around but really tried to understand comparisons in the domains (which is best? why? which is fastest? why? which is least secure? why? etc.). The last few days before the test, I focused on Telecom and read through the sunflower PDF. The exam really focuses on real life situations. "What would you do in so and so situation?" Also, don't be surprised to see a question with several domains addressed in it.

So to all who are studying, don't give up. Never give up. Keep doing your best and you will get there.
Now I am going back to enjoying life. icon_cheers.gif


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