Ios-xr ldp

Hey everyone,

Was looking for a little help with LDP on IOS-XRv. I have two routers connected via their Gi0/0/0/0 interfaces. XR1 connects directly to XR2. They are able to establish an OSPF Adjacency and pass routes to each other. The problem is, LDP neighbours will not form. I followed the configuration in the IOS-XR Fundamentals Guide:

configure terminal
mpls ldp
router-id Loopback1
interface Gi0/0/0/0

That configuration has been applied on both routers. I know multicasts are reaching each other due to OSPF establishing, however I am not sure why the won't become LDP neighbours. I also tried the auto-cofigure method mentioned in the guide.

The OSPF config is as follows:
router ospf 1
router-id and (for XR2)
area 0
interface Loopback 1
network point-to-point
interface Gi0/0/0/0
network point-to-point

I also tried removing the point-to-point OSPF interface configuration, but that still did not work.

Any ideas?



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