EX401 - passed

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EX401 passed yesterday.
It was the last higher-level exam on my RHCA path. The last step (renew RHCE) next Friday.

Some exam tips:
- learn SAM (Subscription Asset Manager) and integration between SAM and Satellite. On the new version of exam (with Satellite 6) this is "must"
- learn SVN - all parts, not only create, import, checkout,commit
- RPMs - signing (GPG), creating (SPEC files - use vim's file.spec template)
- observe the clock - timing is essential. The exam lasts 4 hours but believe me - it's better to have more time for testing. Especially on this exam.
- be careful and do not speed-up some things. The server has some delays (deleting packages, systems, channels)
- Kickstarting - the crucial point is to use "-y" in "yum install" command. You get stuck on the last stage of post-install process without this.



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