RDP question (Dual Monitors)

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RDP questions - if I have a VM desktop built out, how can I get it to show dual monitors. The VM hosted on a server so I am not sure what I would need to request to get dual screen access for my VM session. It's not recognizing a second monitor when I go into the properties on the VM. However I do have dual screens on my local machine. Is there a setting the hosting company has to change on my VM session? In my RDP shortcut I configured to use both monitors. Thoughts?


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    In the RDP connection screen, click on the 'Display' tab then check 'Use all my monitors for the remote session'

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    Did that no dice. Even recreated the session still no dice. I think it has to do with the host system.
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    Open Remote Desktop Connection > "Show options" > set your connection info like computer & username > Save As > place shortcut on desktop
    Right click on Desktop > New > Shortcut > Enter: mstcs /span "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\savedfile.rdp" > Next > Name it < Finish

    Now just click on the new shortcut. You will need to keep both files.

    Edit: Multi monitor support is only available for Win7/Server 2008 R2 or newer OSes
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    Try iBrokeIT's suggestion with the /span switch, that was going to be my follow up.
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    Thanks a lot guys! I'll check it out later on.
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    You could always make a RDP shortcut and then open the shortcut in notepad. It's been a few months but I do believe you can modify the config file to your needs.

    A quick Google search will tell you what each line does.

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