Lab prep for JNCIE-SEC

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Any recommendations on lab workbooks? Does anybody use InetZero?


  • nethackernethacker Senior Member Member Posts: 184 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I'm currently preparing for my JNCIE-SEC too (scheduled for 02/25/2015). I think inetzero materials are good though as I currently use the workbook as part of my prep. Nothing beats hands-on though especially in UTM, NAT, and IDP. Though it's pricey - $700 - but I think it's worth it if you get the detailed walkthrough add-on.
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    Hi net, hacker .
    I m also Jncie-sec candidate , pls provide your skype ID to join jncie-sec group
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    @Soima, sorry I just logged in today after a long ride. I failed the JNCIE-SEC on my first attempt - on 01/06/2015 - but i'm going back on 02/04/2015 (Wednesday) before the new update kicks in since I'm still in exam mode. I'll update once i'm done
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    good luck nethacker! Kind of nice to see some Juniper activity on the boards! I hope you get a chance to share your experience with us.
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    iNetZero is a great resource, customer service etc. is top notch. The O'Reilly SRX and Junos Sec books aswell as the JNCIP courseware should be your main study material. For hardware you can get by with the branch series.
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