CCIE Dead?



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    Does this mean that Mr McNamara will not be renewing his cert ? :)
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    No degree or cert on its own is going to guarantee a good job. But in general they indicate that someone is trainable and a self starter. Where I work a CCIE is the gateway to a fortune. And if someone did need to learn SDN, I would expect a CCIE to be able to become proficient much faster than someone with no certs or degree at all.
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    ccie14023 wrote: »
    But when it comes down to it, he still needs to know how to turn a wrench.

    Beautifully expressed. I believe the same. This software will just be a tool for any CCIE to automate processes and simplify network management, not in complexity, but in time invested. And that's always welcomed.
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    There are still many, many jobs out there explicitly requesting CCIEs. That alone is justification to call anyone claiming 'dead' or 'useless' a moron.

    It is more and more common, however, that the CCIE begins meaning less within organizations that have outgrown the typical vendor kool-aid thing. You do need to know how to turn a wrench. More importantly, you need to know how the wrench turns. Ideally, you know how to make the wrench turn on its own. The CCIE is far from useless... but more and more, it's not enough on its own as it used to be.
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