Help needed on ASA issue!

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Please help as I am trying to connect my ASA to my Microsoft loopback adapter which is already bridged between with my wireless nic.I made sure I rebooted after I created the loopback adapter and also rebooted when I bridged both the wireless and loopback adapters.

Inside the ASA I configured the outside interface:
(asaconfig)#int gigabitethernet 1
(asaconfig)#nameif outside
(asaconfig)#security-level 0
(asaconfig)#ip add dhcp

My ip address of my wireless router is and my ip address of the computer/loopback adapter is What can I do to pull an ip address from my dhcp server (wireless router) to my ASA? Once it's successful there should be pulled ip address under my interface gigabitethernet 1 via dhcp instead of saying unassigned.


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    Could you paste the output from 'sh ver' ?
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    Using Windows 8.1 and enabled compatibility mode for windows 7 on Winpcap with recent version. I disabled my firewall on computer and on wireless router. Disabled Antivirus. I even assigned a static ip under int gig 1(outside int) in the same subnet of and still cant ping to my pc or wireless router.
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    Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.4(2)

    Compiled on Wed 15-Jun-11 18:17 by builders
    System image file is "Unknown, monitor mode tftp booted image"
    Config file at boot was "startup-config"

    ciscoasa up 11 secs

    Hardware: ASA 5520, 1024 MB RAM, CPU Pentium II 1000 MHz
    Internal ATA Compact Flash, 256MB
    BIOS Flash unknown @ 0x0, 0KB

    0: Ext: GigabitEthernet0 : address is 00ab.cd92.5200, irq 0
    1: Ext: GigabitEthernet1 : address is 00ab.cd92.5201, irq 0
    2: Ext: GigabitEthernet2 : address is 00ab.cd92.5202, irq 0
    3: Ext: GigabitEthernet3 : address is 0000.abbe.1103, irq 0
    4: Ext: GigabitEthernet4 : address is 0000.abc7.e304, irq 0
    5: Ext: GigabitEthernet5 : address is 0000.ab82.c905, irq 0

    Licensed features for this platform:
    Maximum Physical Interfaces : Unlimited perpetual
    Maximum VLANs : 100 perpetual
    Inside Hosts : Unlimited perpetual
    Failover : Active/Active perpetual
    VPN-DES : Enabled perpetual
    VPN-3DES-AES : Enabled perpetual
    Security Contexts : 2 perpetual
    GTP/GPRS : Disabled perpetual
    AnyConnect Premium Peers : 5000 perpetual
    AnyConnect Essentials : Disabled perpetual
    Other VPN Peers : 5000 perpetual
    Total VPN Peers : 0 perpetual
    Shared License : Disabled perpetual
    AnyConnect for Mobile : Disabled perpetual
    AnyConnect for Cisco VPN Phone : Disabled perpetual
    Advanced Endpoint Assessment : Disabled perpetual
    UC Phone Proxy Sessions : 2 perpetual
    Total UC Proxy Sessions : 2 perpetual
    Botnet Traffic Filter : Disabled perpetual
    Intercompany Media Engine : Disabled perpetual

    This platform has an ASA 5520 VPN Plus license.

    Serial Number: 123456789AB
    Running Permanent Activation Key: 0x4a3ec071 0x0d86fbf6 0x7cb1bc48 0x8b48b8b0 0xf317c0b5
    Configuration register is 0x0
    Configuration has not been modified since last system restart.
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    Modularity and Design Simplicity:

    Think of the 2:00 a.m. test—if you were awakened in the
    middle of the night because of a network problem and had to figure out the
    traffic flows in your network while you were half asleep, could you do it?
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    Thats just a how to for connecting asdm to the asa. In this problem I need to have the asa pull and ip address via dhcp from my wireless router which is also connected to my loopback adapter(bridged to my wifi adapter).
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    Can anyone help me solve this?
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    Thats just a how to for connecting asdm to the asa.

    Yes, but connectivity is connectivity whether its for ASDM or for DHCP.
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    I followed the steps to the asa setup and dhcp setup. For some reason I cant get my interface g0/1 to pull a dhcp ip address from
    My wireless router.
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    Have you tried to sniff the traffic?
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