SKO-002 passed

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I passed my Server+ last night! Scored 732 out of 800, thanks to (finally) finding some reference/study materials, and to the people on this forum for the hints and advice. :D

Maybe it was my "luck on the draw", but the selection of questions on my test mainly dealt with configs, troubleshooting, environment, etc. There were quite a few SAN/NAS questions, disaster recovery/planning, and backup procedures. I only had ONE question about cable lengths (for Ultra320), and absolutely nothing about legacy SCSI connectors. SAS was thrown in, as well as knowledge about fibre fabric and iSCSI.

IMHO, the test was fairly well written, and, although vague a couple of times, not too hard to get through.

The study materials I used were:
1) ExamCram 2, SKO-002
2) old SKO-001 study guides
3) a lot of internet searching about the new objectives (from
4) if you're lucky enough to have this resource, HANDS ON experience.

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    Congratulations. Thanks for the info on your study materials.
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    Congrats - good stuff on the pass :)
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    Congrats on the pass I be thinking of taking this test so it's always good to hear from the FEW that have actually sit this one.
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    I am planning to take this exam. Which is the book to study form. I am also using transenders, **** and other study guides to study. Will they be helpful.

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