CISSP Question sources (Help!)

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Dear All,

I have recently joined however have been reading blogs published here from quite a few months and have found them very helpful.

I have been studying for all 10 domians from All in one CISSP guide - 6th Edition - By Shon Harris.Now I am studying the last and final domain "Software Development Security" and should be able to complete it in another 3 days. I plan to appear for my exam next month.

Now I am really nervous about the type of questions I should practise which will make me prepare best for my CISSP exam. There are so many sources which make it difficult for me to select the most appropriate ones. However, after going through multiple blogs, I have reached to the following list:
1. McGraw Hill questions
2. CISSP Prep Guide - Gold Edition (Sample, bonus and advanced questions)
3. CISSP Practise Exams 2nd Edition - Shon Harris (Does anyone have a link to this)

I am new to Melbourne and searching for a job after my marriage. I am a CISA and wish to pursue CISSP so that I can get good job opportunities in IT security domain here in Melbourne.
I have heard about, transcender and cccure. Are they any similar to the actual questions in the exam?
Does anyone has valid login credentials for any of these, it will be really really helpful. As of now cannot afford to spend much after paying for the exam.

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    So...let me get this straight. You have a CISA, you've read up on almost all the domains in CISSP and you want to work in InfoSec. So far, so good. But now you're asking one of us to share our credentials to a paid service with you. You did actually read the code of ethics, I assume? What you are asking for is unethical; it's cheating a service provider out of income. We all have to pay a lot for our studies, many of us have families to support as well! So one of us pays for a legitimate service and we should just give you access to it for free? Perhaps you'd like my CPEs for the year while you're at it?

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    This is the wrong forum to make such a request. Everyone here is trying their best to abide by the rules. I believe there are enough free CISSP practice questions on the Internet to assist you in passing this test so i doubt you will need to go down the unethical path . I'm sure you have good intension and really want a job in infosec but i would suggest you do it the right way.. hope this helps.

    ie. Elsevier: conrad: CISSP Study Guide Practice Exams
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    Passed CISSP just fine without having to use anything outside of the books and their practice questions.
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    People hate reading long posts here so let me summerize it for them:

    Hi, I am new.
    I am studying for the CISSP.
    Can I have your username/password for everyhting you paid for yourself?
    Thanks, nice to meet you.

    Me: Hi and No.
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    Haha, that reads like one of Shon Harris' quirky statements at the beginning of sections.
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