Internship to Full-time Salary Increase

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Hey guys I'm in my last two semesters of college for my cyber security degree and got into an Internship with a relatively new company that has a few offices in my state. The Position is Help Desk Technician and I do everything from fixing a Laptop or desktop to building a new PC or troubleshoot network connectivity issues, printers, and monitors. They started me out at $16 an hour and it has been brought to my attention by the owner of the business that after school they would like to hire me full time. As of right now I have alot to do there it's just me and the director of the IT department over seeing five businesses. My question is when we sit down to discuss pay I don't feel that $16 an hour is something I would still work for being a full-time employee with a bachelor's degree and certifications,I would like more. I understand this is a help desk position and in my state (RI) i'm making just slightly more that the average help desk salary. Would asking for $25 an hour or more be crossing the line? This is my first tech job and even though my major is security I would like to get some experience in and learn as much as possible before I get into the Security forensics field.


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    You can certainly ask for a raise. Try to find any info on entry level pay rates for the area. Not always easy but you need to know what the competition is. Make sure you evaluate your value to the company before you approach them. Determine an amount need to live then determine a value that will meet your goals. $25 is random back it up so you can be confident discussing it. In the end most people say getting the first job is the hardest so if you are learning a lot there I would try to go full time for a year or two and take in as much knowledge as possible. Good Luck!
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    I'm in Western Mass and work for a 7 billion dollar bank, HD starts around 16.50 and level 2 around 18, so I say what your making is on par.
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    One way of finding out, is interviewing at other firms & seeing that they're offering as well.
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