What happens when recruiters find or apply for the same job postings you do?

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I'm brand new to job searching in the IT field, trying to to get my foot in the door at an entry level position.

My first step was that I contacted a number of recruiters, figured I'd have some people helping with my search, while I continue it on my own. I also figured maybe they would have access to unadvertised positions, ones which just come available and get filled quick before being posted on line.

What I'm finding so far though, is that I seem to be one step ahead of the recruiters. So far the only jobs they have pointed out to me, are ones I had already seen publicly posted on the web, and had already located myself about 2 days prior.

I vaguely remember hearing that there could be some conflict if applying direct to a position a recruiter applies to as well, but what exactly happens?

And what happens if I find a lead, but then before I have a chance to follow up on it, it gets pointed out by a recruiter. Then say I tell the recruiter no, but apply myself, can they try to claim they had some responsibility for it and create some conflict of interest?

I'm under the impression that if applying direct, I can earn a better wage since there is no recruiter fee involved, so I wouldn't want to use a recruiter for applying for a publicly posted job I already know about, I'd only want to use them for any unposted insider leads they have.


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    Well, generally most recruiters won't tell you the company name unless you have signed/agreed to a right to represent. That will cause problems if you have applied prior to the recruiter finding you about the job as employers will see it as a double submission and generally will round file your resume and pass to the next. Now, if you found the job prior to talking to the recruiter and have already applied for it (Either on your own, or with another recruiter) that will also cause the same problem. You will need to let the recruiter know that you have already applied to that position either on your own, or with another recruiter.

    There can be legal ramifications as well should you bypass the recruiter on your own as well. What exactly would happen, I don't know, but they can go after you or the company that hired you on by bypassing them and their fee as they were the ones that did the leg work of finding you and the job match.
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