Getting promotion but need ideas for new title.

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So long story short I asked for a promotion in March and we just had our new fiscal year in July. So now I can get my promotion. The only hard part for me is picking the title. I want something that matches what I do and also what I want to see on a resume. I thought maybe some of you would have ideas. I am a network admin now but from day 1 on that I was always doing way more than a net admin, not to mention the fact I don't really touch Cisco stuff. It was mainly a catch all promotion I got a couple years ago.

Right now I mainly do VM (VMware products) and storage (EVA Storage) with some project management among other things. I have My A+, Sec+, Project+, a couple VCA certs and will be taking and likely passing my VCP in December. My boss is super chill so he wants to make sure I get the best title to fit what I do but also something that will pad my resume since I have aspirations of doing management someday soon.

Thanks for any help you can give.


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    So what do you do with VM and storage? Design, maintain, provision, troubleshoot?
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    Some project management means to me project coordinator don't use that. I think you can either go with virtualization or storage. If you went with a storage lean, maybe a storage engineer. Storage Engineers make over 160,000 in the Midwest. I had first hand experience dealing with these folks. I'm not sold on my answer but it's something to think about it. ***I do know they make a lot of money relatively speaking compared to the other technology fields.
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    So what do you do with VM and storage? Design, maintain, provision, troubleshoot?

    My thoughts exactly...
    Daceto, you really haven't explained any of your responsibilities. Just present it to us as if you were describing your job on a resume.

    My two cents...whatever you choose, you might as well add Senior to the title.
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    If your already doing network admin, How about Network Engineer?
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    Senior VMware Architect? Senior Storage Architect?
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    If you're looking to get into management, you need to add something to your title that shows forward progression and I agree adding Senior to your title is one of the ways you can do it. Is your boss the IT director or someone else? You might be able to get away with IT Manager or IT Director if your boss is some C level exec like a CIO/CFO. Or you can pick one of those obscure, cool sounding titles like Senior Systems Engineer. :D
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    Thanks for all the input everyone. Sorry I didn't give more information. Its tough to relay that through a post. I built and manage our VM infrastructure and handle all the storage side stuff. I do server builds and monitoring. I like what everyone is saying about adding Senior, that's a good idea. I am finishing a BA right now (graduate in Q2 of 2015) but plan to get my MBA at some point after. Oh an my boss is the IT manager for North America (including Canada and Mexico).

    Hope that makes a bit more sense. When I originally brought this up I gave my boss a few suggestions I found on the net, but have come to not like either. They were: ·
    • Server and Storage Administrator
    • Virtualization and Storage Administrator
    • Virtualization and Infrastructure Administrator
    Thanks everyone!
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    Sr. Infrastructure Administrator.

    Takes into account your experience with servers, storage, virtualization, etc...

    Good luck.
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    I like Infrastructure Engineer or Network Systems Engineer for your responsibilities.
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    How about Executive Director of Network Operations? Think they would roll with that one?
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    Senior Systems Admin or Infastructure sounds about right to me assuming there are more junior members of the team.
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    Just wanted to update everyone. My promotion went through and I selected Senior Infrastructure Administrator as the title.

    The pay increase was less than I want but I plan on milking a ton of certs and training in 2015 so it should even out.

    Thanks to everyone who gave input.
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