tshoot class what should i expect to learn

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Hi all. I am a noc worker and my work is paying for a ccnp level tshoot course. Currently I am not Cisco certified but would say I'm at around the ccna level. What should I learn that could be relevant to my job. Background on my work enterprise level with two dcs and hundreds of branch sites. We use mpls, bgp, eigrp, ios and nxos. In my position I go as far as I can to fix the issue including reconfiguring a new device to replace the old hardware if needed. I plan on diving into the tshoot ocg this weekend as well so the class benefits me more. Just wondered every one elses thoughts on what I should really get a good grasp on in your opinions.


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    Route troubleshooting, redistribution, route filtering, for the most part mainly the routing stuff as you seem to not deal too much with the user side where all the switches provide user access. Or do you?

    MPLS is a CCIE topic so you won't see that there
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  • santaownssantaowns Member Posts: 366
    Sorry it was late we deal with switching as well.
  • santaownssantaowns Member Posts: 366
    Day 1. Surprisingly we are doing the new track. So I have all the new materials for tshoot. They provide us with a lab from Cisco and we each get our own pod. Today we went over three scenarios and trouble shot them. I can feel that I have the least amount of knowledge in the class but still keepingup.
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    I've always said if you have an opportunity to take a class and it's affordable or free do it. My last experience with a class wasnt all that great. Labs were always a disaster and took nearly an hour of prep to get it up and running before I could hash out the commands and the teacher ultimately started teaching from brain ****. I up and left the class when the teacher started doing that.

    Hope your experience continues to be good! Good luck to ya!
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