CCNP Study Materials???

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Hi! I just passed my ICND2 today and just to continue the momentum.. I wanna start off checking out CCNP. What can you guys recommend as study materials and w/c is easy to get first? CCNP Switch or Route?


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    CBT Nuggets
    OCG and FLG books (wait for the new books to come out sometime this month or next month)
    Most would say Route, then Switch then Tshoot
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  • jayskatajayskata Member Posts: 97 ■■□□□□□□□□
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    no prob!
    same loc dude :D
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    Congrats on the pass, like esr0159 said I would go Route/Switch/T.Shoot.

    I would also recommend Chris Bryant's video series, cant recommend highly enough. Helped me soak up the Route material, the Official Cert Guide from Cisco for me was useless.
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    Congrats !

    The CBT Series is pretty helpful to get the ground work in - but I do feel that it does lack in detail and does not delve deep enough into some topics.

    The Cisco Cert guide is also excellent.

    I read through Rene' Molenaar's Route book and found it to be very helpful along with all the labs associated with it. It was to the point. Did anyone else use Rene's books ?

    I am prepping for Route exam first. I have the same idea - finished CCNA 2 months ago and have been head first in NP Route. Best of Luck !
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    I never got around to Rene' Molenaar's material or Chris Bryant but have heard miles of good things about both. Don't forget about the simplified series as well. I am not sure what they are doing about revising their material for the new tests, there may not be much to revise as these books kinda went above and beyond in many aspects. I have the simplified series books for both Route and Swtich and can say it was probably my number 1 study resource.
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    Rene Molenaar's book is the best for actually understanding what is goign on. He cuts out alot of the fluff that can be confusing at first. You need to go into more depth afterwards though.

    Ine videos have a tremedous amount of info in them and are well structured.
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