Any games that can be played on a 2gb atom processer machine?

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My daughter has a netbook with an atom processor and 2 gbs of ram. I do have an SSD in her machine but a lot of the games require a Windows OS. Is it possible to install a VM on her netbook and run a version of Windows to install World of Tanks or some other games that require the WIndows platform?

I'm trying to avoid spending additional dollars on another machine and I really don't want her using my mini desktop ( i7 8 gbs and 4 gb GTX VC).

Is it possible or am I just wasting my time?

I feel bad because a lot of her friends are on World on Tanks and other games.

I am wondering if I am going to have to buy a mini tower and piece together some hardware I have laying around. I do have a systemboard with a core duo chip and 4 gbs of ram. However that would require me to get a tower, video card and probably windows 8.1 installation.

It's ashame that I can't make this netbook play games.


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