In Search Of: Resources & Research Materials for A+ Exams

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Hi Guys,

I was hoping that I could possibly get some help on study/research materials. After going through pages and pages of threads in an attempt to distill down what the best resources are currently available for A+ 801/2 training, I've found the following:

Professor Messer - Professor Messer A+ Training
Mike Meyers: CompTIA A+ Exam Guide
David Prowse: Exam Cram for A+
Darril Gibson: CompTIA A+ Exam Training Kit
Quentin Docter: CompTIA A+ Study Guide

While Professor Messer's videos are free (which is wonderful for my pocket), i've read that it's a good idea to supplement the videos with a book, and possibly some exam prep. Out of the list provided above, is there any book in particular you would pick to aid in getting the A+ cert (and why)? I wont say "money is of no object", but I am on a bit of a "relaxed" budget, so I can afford to invest in a book or two with no problem.

Thanks guys
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    I'm more of a hands on person myself and can read all day long and learn nothing. I've been going through test questions on ExamCompass | CompTIA Practice Exams and have herd the material is accurate for the time. I know when I took the test three years ago all I had to study from was Professor Messer videos and a test king subscription.
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    Hi BJ4IT,

    I just passed my A+ recently (both exams) and I used the following materials:

    Professor Messor Youtube A+ Videos - Lecture to learn the content
    Examcram A+ Book ( you can purchase)

    Examcram comes with a great A+ Cram Sheet you can study before taking the test
    Examcram book comes with a CD with 100 practice test questions that explain every question/answer so you understand the material take all 10 practice tests for 801 or 802 depending on what test you are about to take, make sure you are getting 90% + each test (each test has 25 questions)

    Good luck!
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    Thanks CDX!

    Is anyone familiar with this particular course: CompTIA A+ Resource Center: Save 30% on Books, eBooks, Video, and Simulators | Pearson IT Certification

    That looks like something that would go well with Professor Messers videos.
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    I've not heard of that, but I can definitely echo CDX's sentiment with regards to exam cram. Myself and a 2 others passed using this alongside the Proffessor Messer videos. It comes with about 100 practice questions but if you are looking for more questions on top of that, I used the CompTIA A+ bundle app on Andriod (by Darriyl Gibson).
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