Looking for a software to create network diagrams

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If anybody knows any open source ones please share it with me. Thank you.
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    I used ARIS for software integration designs. I called the sales rep up and they gave me a free trial, still using it. Evidently they don't disable it once you get it installed. I even receive updates.
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    lucid chart .... https://www.lucidchart.com/

    even web based
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    Gliffy is one similar to Lucidchart I use for quick, easy drawings.
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    I used the above 2 whilst writing my university dissertation, for actual networking I'd use Visio or EDraw Max
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    I have tried to use draw.io, Giffy, and lucid chart. They are not really working in conjunction with I was looking for. I had Visio but since we moved buildings, they decided to take the labels off of our old workstations and re-image them. Been wasting the past 2 hours of my morning hunting for a network diagram software, lol, most of the times, it's due to incompetent individuals in the IT industry that allow for problems like these.

    I am now going to use GSN3 for a few weeks until we order Visio again, even though it's a simulator. I wonder if anyone has used GSN3 to set up network diagrams or is that a bit off?
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  • bryanthetechiebryanthetechie Member Posts: 172
    I use DIA, and it has worked pretty well for me. Available on Linux, Mac, and that other popular OS:

    Dia Diagram Editor | SourceForge.net
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